Vision of the future

Our mission

Our mission at 3d2 is to help users quicker while alleviating the load on the support personnel. 
This is our quest.

Research and development – Artificial Intelligence

We conduct research in various aspects of achieving our goal in a better and more effective way. Due to the technology being autonomous, the emphasis is strongly on testing various mechanisms or aspects of the bot.  These mechanisms are all optimised for ease of use by the users of a bot.

The approach got rid of the pain of the “HIPPO” or the highest-paid person’s opinion.  Let us test the various aspects and optimise them for maximum effectiveness in achieving our goal.

The large volume of user interactions makes it possible to get appropriate mechanisms based on AB testing.  A consequence is that the clients of 3d2 don’t have to guess what works.  It is part of the service that we test the various features and apply the best performing elements to the bot.

Each bot is optimised based on various factors and will improve over time as this testing has time to guide the configuration to deliver the best results.

The future

The AI models that are employed are ever-expanding in complexity and training data, thus providing a solid base for fast innovation and optimisation.  Even comparisons between versions of the engines are tested for overall effectiveness.