Context - Risk, plan, opportunity, retention and scope.

Context is important for the Bot.

Most of the questions asked on your website do not depend on which page it was asked on. 

But some questions can have different answers when asked on different pages. Let’s say a user asks the question, “Where do I log in?”. Many bots will provide various options for the user to choose from and it is not ideal

for example: 

“If you are on this page, you need to click here”

“When you see this image, you need to click here”

“When you are on the Contact Us page, click on the left corner icon”

To overcome this problem, we enable you to link an answer to a specific web page or URL. The answer is then to the point and simple to follow and can differ depending on the page you asked the question. 

Context of information to assist a human support person is important.

Context of information made available to the human support person on 3d2 to compile answers:

  • On what web page or URL was the question asked.
  • The correspondence between the user and the Bot.
  • Recommended answers from the AI and ML engine.
  • Searching the knowledge base for similar answers if the recommendation is not applicable.

Context around questions asked on pages is important.

It is important to use the Bot on every web page of your website to provide the opportunity for a user to ask any question. The questions are recorded with the URL and are available through the dashboard.

The feedback on which pages leads to the most support queries is worth a lot, as these pages could potentially be improved. The list of questions that were asked or answered per URL is valuable as a guide to the lack of understanding of the users of that page. Refer to the list of the most commonly used URLs on the dashboard.

We are continually improving the context-information available to the different parties to improve the answers and the customer experience of your clients.