Login to your account and you will be greeted by a Dashboard.  The dashboard consists of several key indicators, summaries and lists.

Let’s look at them individually:

Successfully Answered Questions

The successfully answered questions indicator shows the effectiveness of the bot, in the operating environment.  

A higher percentage means the bot answered most of the questions which in turn means fewer questions were emailed to your support personnel.  

95% means, only 5% of the support interactions involved support humans.

Questions that could not be classified by the AI and ML engines are sent to human support personnel to answer. The answers are analysed and processed to be used in future responses. Thus over time, the human effort is increasing the effectiveness of the bot.  

The answer is sent to the person which asked the question if an email address was supplied, and in turn strengthens the users trust.

There are many optimisations and automated learning happening in the background of the platform in addition to the answers provided.

Savings overview

As the effectiveness improves and the traffic increases, the savings per month will increase.  The amount saved is calculated based on the man hours saved.  Your website users are the winners, as they receive a quick, accurate reply to their questions.

A major value driver for 3d2 bots is that it passes this value in savings to our customers.

Equally important is the amount that the bot saved.  This value starts at 0 at the start of each month.

The annual savings is calculated as a rolling total over the last 365 days.

Most commonly asked questions for week

Questions asked the most during the last 7 days are listed.  It indicates what is on the majority of users’ minds.

Most commonly used URLs

The most commonly used URLs indicate the pages the users are asking the most questions on.  These pages on the website are good candidates to improve customer experience and provide additional guidance. 

Organisations spend lots of money to learn which questions people are asking on which pages.  With 3d2 you receive the benefit and can improve your website content based on these questions.  This user feedback is another major value driver.

The URL is the given context for the question.  The author/caretaker of the bot can decide to make an answer specific to a page or leave it non-specific.  Read more for an explanation of how to link answers to specific pages on the website.

Interactions (this month)

The interactions this month show how many users opened the bot and started to chat.

Responses (this month)

The responses this month is the total times the bot responded to questions that the user asked.  The responses are higher than the interactions, because a user on average, is asking 3 to 4 questions for every interaction.  The higher the responses per interaction the better.

Pending Questions

This tile shows how many questions are waiting in the queue to be answered by a human support person.  It could be that the user supplied their email address and is waiting for a response to their unanswered question.

By answering it on the 3d2 platform, the bot is trained to answer that question and other similar questions in the future.  This improves the effectiveness of the bot and saves more time.