Tip 1: Include the question in the answer

Include the question in your answer to ensure the reader will understand the context of your answer for example.

Question: When does your store open?

Answer: Our store opens at 8 AM and closes at 5 PM Mondays – Fridays.

Question: How can I contact you?

Answer: You can contact us at …

Question: How quickly can you assist us?

Answer: Our assistance is normally dependent on the availability of personnel or how accurately you can define your requirements. We will try our best.

Tip 2: Keep images small

Most people are using mobile devices when interacting with a bot, so keeping the image small assists with visibility and speed of loading.

Keep the images 400 pixels or less and leave the size on 100%.

Tip 3: Step 1, Step 2 works better than paragraphs

For example:
To add another person on the list to answer questions
Step 1: On the menu, click on “Bot Options”
Step 2: Choose the bot and click “Edit”
Step 3: Add the additional email address and separate it with a ;

Tip 4: The bot can learn from your existing website

If you have an existing website with questions and answers, the bot can learn from it.

Add your website to the “Website to learn from” section and tick the “Learn now” tick box.
You can even type another website’s address in there if they have the appropriate content.